Iver N.
Чслапд чушвпчке оржыпршщо.
I finally have a time for writing.

The 2nd of June
1) Start sewing a shirt at work. It has a simple cut-out but the fabric is thin and sliding. Good news is that the process goes well.
2) Get my first wage at this work.
3) Hear a song which made me feel better when I was 19. And it still works!
4) Catch a sunny time for a walk. All day the weather was stormy but I was the lucky one.
5) Buy a delicious cookies.

The 3rd of June
1) Wash all dishes: plates and cups, pans and pots and other stuff. There cut off the hot water in our building till 13th and cleaning is a kind of a challenge now.
2) Take a bath.
3) Suddenly, train tickets get up to 1730 rub in economy class. But I find a bus ticket to the Moscow for next weekend.
4) Cook a broth for borshch. Other part of cooking was made by husband. )
5) Reading a book in bed.

The 4th of June
1) Send pilot version of book for test reading.
2) Start a new embroidery. It will be a floral pattern on a semi-transparent blouse.
3) Draw a feather bookmark with watercolor as a present for K. I planned to do it a month ago and hope to send it with a letter soon.
4) Find and download few books in English.
5) Make an apricot pie.

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